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Fyxed seamlessly cross-references your properties with other similar properties in the geographic area and then indicates how much room there may be for rent increases with the appropriate upgrades. You decide which projects to fund and request the money!

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The Figures

One of your rental units is in need of updating, but the owner does not have timely funds available for the repairs. However, this owner is in luck - you have Fyxed financing and are ready to help them.


Cost of updated Kitchen


PM’s general contrator fee (10%)

$500 /per month

Increased rent from upgrade


Management fee annual increase

* These figures are just an example - your resulting benefits may vary due to different variables.

Receive funds in 1-3 days

No owner credit check or guarantee

No rent? No payment!

to a vacancy our automated weekly statements show
that one of your units
has a $500 RFI*

Your contractor prepares an estimate for the cost of updating the unit how you determine will result in the rent increase

Going back to the app, you enter the project information and Fyxed  prepares a custom, branded report showing the scope of work and installment options. You IMMEDIATELY send it to the unit owner

The owner picks a term that doesn’t disrupt their current cash flow, signs it, and sends back the report

You complete the funding request in the app and 3 DAYS LATER the money arrives in your account

When the unit becomes vacant, your contractor can start RIGHT AWAY, completes the project, gets paid on-time and the updated unit is ready to rent with no delay

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Fyxed financing is a tool for Property Management Companies, empowering them to be proactive about maintenance and improvements of their rentals

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