Fyxed Property Loans

Fyxed Maintenance Coordination for Property Managers


Empowering you to be proactive about
Portfolio Maintenance and Improvements

Fyxed extends Property Managers a secured line of credit to fund installment payments on maintenance and improvements. Pay your vendors right away, complete the work hassle-free, and advise your clients which improvements will increase their rent with our “Room for Improvement” algorithm. It seamlessly cross-references your properties with other similar properties in the geographic area and then indicates how much room there may be for rent increases with the appropriate upgrades. You decide which projects to fund and request the money!

Assist Property Owners low on reserve funds
Increase management and maintenance division income
Make informed decisions about the properties and projects to fund with our specialized app
Fyxed puts the power to decide in your hands – right where it should be. No waiting for underwriting approval or funds to transfer
Leave the administrative work to us! Fyxed will create invoices, set up payments, and provide the accounting reports you need

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Don’t wait to tackle that kitchen renovation, or invest in your next property. Fyxed Property Loans is here to help you grow your business and tackle your next project today!