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By empowering property owners to invest in property improvements you can rise above the competition by offering higher quality living spaces, attracting premium tenants, commanding higher rents, and achieving superior rental rates.

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What We Offer

Fyxed empowers property managers to gain a competitive edge by providing quick access to funds for property improvements, attracting premium tenants, and commanding higher rental rates. With Fyxed, property managers can set themselves apart in the market, deliver superior services, and achieve greater success.

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We provide rapid access to funds, ensuring property managers can act quickly on opportunities and challenges.

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Fyxed helps you attract premium tenants by maintaining top-quality living spaces that discerning renters desire.

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Quality enables you to command higher rental rates, increasing the property's income potential and your management fees.


Cash Flow-Friendly Funding

Fyxed provides property managers with a customized funding solution based on the property's cash flow. We purchase a portion of future rent, adjusting the amount and term to match the property's current or potential new cash flow. Plus, we make sure that monthly payments won't drain the owner’s available funds, so they can maintain a healthy financial position.

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Frequently asked questions

What factors is owner/property qualification based on?

We look at cash flow history on the property, and can even consider potential cash flow if the property is going to be renting for more after the renovation.

Who signs the Purchase Agreement- the owner of the PM Company?

The owner signs the purchase agreement and is legally bound for the repayment of the funds fronted. The PM Company is required to provide access to their database and agrees to keep Fyxed updated about any changes on the property in question.

As the Property Manager, are their any requirements I have to meet as a company?

Fyxed works with Property Managers who are financially healthy and in full trust compliance- meaning that bank accounts are fully reconciled and there are not negative balances on the owner or tenant ledgers. If you have questions about this, we can help!

Why is Fyxed better than other options available to my customers?

We place no lien on the property, require no money down and no credit check is required. Fyxed also supplies the funds in under a week and is the only product on the market that uses cash flow as collateral.

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Financing for the Modern Property Manager

Fyxed allows Property Owners to trade future rent for upfront funds for turnovers, repairs, improvements, emergencies and more.

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