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Fyxed Property Loans is a tool for Property Management Companies- empowering them to be proactive about the maintenance and improvement of their rentals

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Fyxed extends Property Managers a secured line of credit to fund installment payments on maintenance and improvements. Pay your vendors right away, complete the work hassle-free and advise your clients which improvements will increase their rent with our “Room for Improvement'' algorithm

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Recurring Analysis

Weekly report of upcoming vacancies, potential rent increases, and negative owner balances

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Customized Proposals

Custom branded proposals with installment options that are digitally executed by the owner.
Funding in 1-3 business days.

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Automatic Servicing

Bookkeeping and servicing for the life of the loan with rent-based repayments.


Grow your revenue

Make informed decisions about the properties and projects to fund with our User Interface. Fyxed puts the the power to decide where it should be- in YOUR hands. Improved properties mean increased rents and better homes for tenants

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Frequently asked questions

What factors is the loan qualification based on?

We look at your overall accounting health: bank accounts reconciled, negative balances, bookkeeping integrity, and life of accounts. We also look at your monthly management revenue to determine the total loan amount.

Who supplies the debt instrument: the Property Management Company or their clients?

The debt is secured by the Property Management company via a UCC 1 filing on future receivables. This is not a consumer loan and no security will be held by the homeowner(s) or the PM company’s clients.

What happens if a tenant doesn’t pay their rent?

Fyxed understands the Property Management industry and has adjusted their terms for that industry. That’s why we don’t expect a payment from the PM if there was no rent payment that month- that’s why we call them installments and not monthly payments.

Why is Fyxed better than other options available to my customers?

We do not require a personal guarantee or property lien, require no money down, don’t check credit, supply the money in 1-2 business days, and have a competitive interest rate.

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Fyxed Property Loans is a tool for Property Management Companies, empowering them to be proactive about maintenance and improvements of their rentals

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